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Beyond Our Earthly Vision©

Helen J. (Snider) Kircher


 Father, do You make Your presence known
when one so patiently nears death?
Do You send angels, and perhaps a loved one
before we take our final breath?


In a quietness known only
to that one we hold so dear.
Do You make Your presence known?
For we can see there is no fear.


She loved and knew Your Holy Word.
She spoke it day by day,
Although her memory had failed her
in so many other ways.


She could still sing all the old hymns.
She remembered them by name.
Her voice was heard, her last song was sung,
just hours before You came.


There were many days she told us
how she yearned to be with You.
One day, clear eyed, she told me,
“You’ve done all that you can do.”


Many times she spoke of missing Mama
She would ask, “Is Mama dead?”
I could tell she knew the answer,
and I was gentle in what I said.


Now we know her search is over.
She’s joined those who love You best.
She kneels before Your Holy Presence,
her voice will sing ... her soul at rest.


In His Name and for His Glory, 



Helen J. (Snider) Kircher


(In Memory of my "Aunt O" and those we love and will see again one day.)