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God’s Child©

Helen J. (Snider) Kircher 


I’m so glad I found Him then,
and He freed me from all my sins.
Yes, my Savior took me in
and made me God’s child.

I see heaven’s open gate,
I must hurry and not be late.
He is there and will always wait
when you are God’s child.

He will take you and let you see
all your loved ones there will be.
What a glorious family
when we’re God’s child.

And as we gather around God’s throne,
it’s so great to be at home.
Only love will greet us there,
because we’re God’s child.

There will be no more pain or fears
Only gladness, no more tears.
When our Savior’s face appears
we’ll know we’re God’s child.

Let us walk right down the aisle.
Ask forgiveness for in a while
we’re going home. There’s no more trials,
because we’re God’s child.

There will be a rapture in the air.
If we are good, we’ll all be there.
To a peace that can’t compare
when we are God’s child.

Can’t you see eternity?
It belongs to you and me.
I speak to you as He spoke to me.
We can be God’s child.

There will be joy, and no more pain.
All your work won’t be in vain.
For He told us He will come again.
And we’ll be God’s child.

It’s a place that we’ve not seen,
no, not even in our dreams.
Where we’re all a winning team
when we’re God’s child.


In His Name and for His Glory,


Helen J. (Snider) Kircher