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If God Should Call©

Helen J. (Snider) Kircher 


 If God should call on you today,
Oh, would you smile and gladly say,
“Clasp me in Thine arms tonight,
and take me to share Thy holy light.”


Chorus:  Would you be willing to give your life for Him?
Keep it pure and free from sin?
If God should call on you today,
Would you go?  Could you walk the narrow way?


Would you be willing to give Him all?
And more if on you He should call?
And lay up treasures high above,
and go to share the Master’s love?


Repeat Chorus



(I wrote this song while still a teenager. I had been very ill and after a time I began to seriously wonder if I would ever regain my health.  One day I asked for my Bible, although I didn’t understand the King James Version very well, I held it close and I began to pray. From that day forward I began to improve.   It was during this illness that I wrote, “If God Should Call.”  Later, I had the song copyrighted.  Many years passed and the song was misplaced.  It was after my husband’s death in 1996 that I again remembered it.  With a tiny hope and a big prayer, I wrote The Library of Congress and asked if they might still have a record of it.   A year passed and then one day, I was happily surprised when a copy of the sheet music and words in childish print arrived.  There was a note of apology for the delay.  God is good!)


 In His Name and for His Glory,


Helen J. (Snider) Kircher