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Helen’s Songs of the 50's  -- For Your Listening Pleasure

Hello everyone!  My name is Helen.  I invite you to join me in my journey back to the 50's.  Return with me to the time when radio stations were playing the recordings of Les Paul and Mary Ford and "Stereophonic Sound" and "Hi-Fidelity" were new to our vocabulary.  The songs listed here are a portion of many taped programs that were originally recorded by me in the 50's and aired weekly over a local radio station.  In those days recording sessions took place in my home using a Wollensak reel-to-reel tape recorder, a Bell Sound System, T-103 stereophonic tape deck and two RP-120 recorder pre-amplifiers.

Many of the songs are "double recorded" which was a new technique at that time.  This involved a two step taped process where I sang the melody first and then added the harmony.  Eventually, the tapes were packed in a cardboard box and stored in the attic where they endured the heat of Oklahoma summers and bitter cold winters for nearly fifty years.  The tapes surfaced recently and were restored to the quality that you will hear.

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Happy Memories!


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Among My Souvenirs

Are You Teasing Me

Blues Stay Away From Me

Born To Be With You

Down in the Valley

Four Walls

Goodbye Jimmie, Goodbye

I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know

I Tried So Hard Not To Fall in Love

I Wish I Could Fall in Love Again

I Wonder Which One of Us Is To Blame

I'll Hold You in My Heart

I'll Not Worry Over You, Dear

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Is It Wrong for Loving You

It's Too Late Now To Worry Anymore

Just Out of Reach

Live and Let Live

Longing To Hold You Again

Make Love To Me

Making Believe

No Letter Today

Oh, So Many Years

Paper Roses

Tears on My Pillow Each Morning

There Will Be No Teardrops Tonight

Three Ways To Love You

Til You Come Back Again

When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold

You're Too Much To Lose