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A Wound Once Healed Can Still Bear a Scar© 

Helen J. (Snider) Kircher

IMAG000From the road and approaching the house, it appears the two Bradford Pear trees just beyond the driveway survived the severe snow and ice of January, 2007.  In fact both trees, from a frontal view, appear to be equally healthy with full branches and green leaves.

It is only when we walk around to the backside that we see a vast difference in the two. It appears as though one of them has been measured, then with perfect precision, sliced from top to trunk by winter’s weight of ice and snow. During the clean up of shattered limbs and debris last winter, Charles pointed to two limbs severely severed but still attached and said, “I hate to say this, but I believe that both of these need to be removed.” Seeing my face ... he warned, “It may not make it anyway.” Hoping to balance the odds with favor, the operation was completed which left a very deep gashed hole which was soon filled and sealed with a product called, “Pruner Sealer.” This was done to protect the tree and prevent unwanted  visitors from taking up residency which could, in time lead to the death of the tree.

IMAG001Spring’s healing temperatures and frequent heavy rains brought forth a surprisingly new growth process.  Since then, numerous new limbs and branches, although still small in diameter, are sporting rich green leaves that now cover the black sealed wound that once was so visibly apparent.  When  I walk in the cool of the evening, I visit the tree.  Now I must separate its new growth in order to see the black sealed scar, and I am reminded of myself.  Wounded beyond my endurance, I began to seek a deeper relationship with God.  I believe that when we are in that terrible depth of pain and grief, the Lord is very, very near.  He hears our cries, He knows our torment and He comforts us. When I became His child the Holy Spirit became my focus in life.  Slowly, and leaning on Him, we began our walk together.IMAG002Since that time our relationship has continued to grow.  The grief and anger against death, the pain and frustration and all the emotions that I once embraced began to evaporate as I read His Word.  Washed in the love of His embrace, the wound has healed, only the scar remains. The Holy Spirit became my “Holy Sealer” as He protected me from becoming “invested with bitterness”.  Only God knows and understands our life time of wounds that are visible only to Him.  On our knees, He hears and knows every voice and He responds with love.

In many ways since our retirement, Charles’ life and my life ran parallel. In the years before we met, we and our spouses intended to live our future retirement years fulfilling our plans and desires.  And for a time, God let us live out our dreams, and He gave us our years to play.  Then He permitted death to close that door in both of our lives. Heartbroken, I found hope and in time a new life with Charles.  During the healing process, our Father then begins to sand, mold and prune away whatever inhibits new growth emerging from within us and then one day we will become a mirrored reflection of His love.

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him,
he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

John 15: 5 NIV

In His Name and for His Glory,
Helen J. (Snider) Kircher