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Are You Listening to the Silence?© 

Helen J. (Snider) Kircher

God’s Word is a gift!  Never has it been so easily and readily accessible as it is today. There are days that Charles and I have a pretty full schedule, but I find each day goes much smoother and more is accomplished when we put our prayer time with Him as the first order of the day.

There are days that I pick up my Bible and just hold it close.  During that special time, I tell our Lord and Savior how much I love Him. I pray for our loved ones, our friends, our world problems and I thank Him for loving me.

When I was a child of about nine years of age, our next door neighbor invited me to go to Bible School.  I was told to bring a Bible with me as there would be some memory work required.  Since we did not have a Bible in our home, Daddy bought me an inexpensive one which I still have.  The pages have since yellowed, but are still very legible.

I have several other Bibles now, but the one that I have bonded with is, “The Quest NIV Bible".  Bought in 1996, it has helped me a great deal as each page contains additional explanations of difficult to understand scriptures.  The importance of trying to figure it all out has been replaced by the acceptance and the sweetness of my belief and faith in Him.

I have learned that there are situations that may be of great concern to me today, but may dwindle in their stature of importance tomorrow.   I have learned to walk away from the negative as it is useless and it accomplishes nothing but confusion in my life.  Instead I open the door of my heart to Jesus, and in the stillness of silence, I find the treasure of His peace begins to flow from within my inner being.

I have learned and continue to learn to keep my eyes focused on Him and not permit myself to be distracted by everything that I read and hear.  I know that troubles and problems can be turned around for the benefit of His children when it is asked in the Name of Jesus.

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies ..."
The 23rd Psalm, Verse 5 KJV

I have learned to drop the cloak of bitterness when His way is not my way.  I have learned that “mine enemies” can be anger, frustration, fear, or incompetence ... anything that comes between me and our Lord that will cost me spiritually. To sit in the silence and seek His presence, knowing that He is always there for me and for everyone, is soothing to my soul.

“Be still and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the heathen,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10 KJV

In His Name and for His Glory,



Helen J. (Snider) Kircher